Overseer L. Deon Williams I

Rev. Williams (Rev.d) has been a servant of the Lord majority of his life. Williams is well versed in church leadership, teaching, choir directing and the preaching ministry. Williams public walk with the Lord began in 1995 in Flint, MI - however, Rev. Williams stated that revival night in August of 1995, that he had "known God all his life."

Pastor has attended Eastern Michigan University where he studied Psychology - he will be returning in 2023. Williams did attend Slidell Baptist Seminary where he has received both his Associates and Bachelors degree's (Magna Cum Laude) In Theology Studies/Ministry leadership and development.

Pastor completed Master of Divinity degree in August, 2021.

Under Pastor Rodrick K. Green and New Hope Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, he was Ordained in September, 2021.

Preaching ministry was birthed in 2014 at Bethlehem Temple of Praise (Wayne, MI) where he began as a the first Youth Pastor of new ministry at the time. Under his leadership, the children's church, youth activity and involvement had grown well over 100 children.

Over the years Pastor has served in many capacities in Southeast Michigan and in Louisville, Kentucky - Including Youth Ministry launch, Young Adult Ministry launch, Mentorship, Music Ministry, Website production, Public Relations, GMWA, & Ministerial Alliance.

Pastor Williams is also the owner of “A More Excellent Way, LLC” which includes all of his talents and ministry under one umbrella - focusing on especially on young male grooming and counseling.

Pastor Williams greatest inspirations include those of the Late greats Rev. Dr. J.C Curry, Rev. Dr. Robert E. Bailey. Pastor Rodrick K. Green, Dr. Waverly Bumbrey, Dr. Terrance Bridges, Rev. Mattie Hunter, Rev. M. A. Flaniken, Rev. Wardell Jones, Rev. George Waddles Jr. Overseer Pastor M. Berry, and Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn - just to name a few.

In September 2021, he married the love of his life, Detroit native, Prophetess Z'Kieya J. Williams and in August of 2022, he begat his son, L. Deon Williams, II.

In July 2022, Pastor was appointed and Installed as the General Overseer for the Youth and Young Adult Division for the Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International.

You can also find him on all streaming platforms as "Rev.d" which includes sermons, songs and short inspirational messages (Link Below).

Pastor's motto is taken from the scripture Phillipians 3:14, "I press!" Which he strives to do in every way possible.

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One thing that is for certain is that the Blessings of the Lord are rich - you can be rich.

It's an easy step - it's leaning and depending on the faith promise. Leaning and depending on the word of God. Stay connected, stay prayerful.

When the Holy Spirit speaks he's not always loud, but it oughta make you LEAP in Joy!

Wealth is in SOUND doctrine and faith.